Students Fighting to Defy College Dropout Stats

Students Fighting to Defy College Dropout Stats

College dropout stats might not be on the right mark, considering all that is happening in the world ruled by a pandemic. As a result, the stats on college dropouts tend to go higher and higher as students tend to face several problems due to the current set of events. But that has not prevented a few from trying to fight the system and gain knowledge. So to make their voices clear here’s all that you need to know about students who are struggling to defy college dropout stats.

1. Yesenia Vargas changes things for the better

Yesenia Vargas, a 21-year-old Mexican American, faced a lot of issues that tried to put her online classes away. At first, it was the low-speed internet service that caused a lot of trouble for Yesenia to complete online assignments and tune in to hear lectures. Apart from that, her laptop also crashed, making things all the more difficult. But such circumstances did not promote the 21-year old to give up, as she went ahead to fight these odds.

She went ahead to borrow her young nephew’s desktop computer and began to set up all her programs from the start. By moving over to her little sister’s bedroom, Yesenia ensured that her WiFi signal was strong and fit for the purpose. As a result, Yesenia Vargas managed to defy her odds and went ahead to do all that she could to keep her dreams and hopes high up in the sky.


2. A Common Situation

The high stats indicating college dropouts is not a new situation that entered the scene recently. In fact, it has always been around, and the year 2016 can be taken as an example. In 2016, 11% of students from low-income families attained a bachelor’s degree by the age of 24 when compared to 58 of those from high-income families. Common incidents like the one faced by Vargas are all around the place and continue to affect low-income students until this very day.

The current Covid-19 pandemic has also made things worse, as engineering students are losing out on their scholarship. Due to this, the situation has become a huge matter of concern, and everyone needs to do something for the same.

3. Hope is Alive

Lucky, Vargas is not alone in this fight as organizations like San Francisco-based ScholarMatch seeks to improve such conditions. The non-profit organization is here to help low-income, and minority students move ahead amidst the pandemic through mentorship and financial aid. The program’s manager, Kojuan Willaims, has even supported Vargas by supplying her with a new laptop and better WiFi. As a result, Yesenia Vargas is going against all her problems by holding on to the little hope that she has in this world.

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